Narrow Feint came out of a linup change of The Justin Case Band. Sadly Graham had left and things went wierd.

Then we met Steve and Malcom. I'd seen a band called Orpheus many years earlier and was well impressed with

the guitarist. To my delight, this turned out to have been Steve. I was chuffed. Narrow Feint became a prolific writing band

and a joy to be part of. Sadly things went wierd again and we all went our seperate ways. Great memories :-)

Swindon This Is Swindon 4 Track EP 1980


Steve & Jerome on Swindon Viewpoint


Narrow Feint Personnel:

Jerome Travis

Steve Degutis

Malcom (and Pete Morse at times too)

Anton Henley


Track 1: Radiators Burn

Track 2: Ivory Towers

Track 3: Boys Like Me