The Band Justin Case Swindon Marlborough

Jerome Travis Graham Churchley Pete Morse Anton Henley


The Band Justin Case came along in around 1978. Graham and I had been playing in a band called Overload,

which had come to a natural conclusion. We met up with Jerronne and Pete and there was the birth of

The Band Justin Case.

And long it lasted! Great times!!

The Band Justin Case Personnel:

Jerronne Travis

Graham Churchley (Graham Graems-Girdy Grahams at times)

Pete Morse

Anton Henley

Mick Higgins (laterly)


Track 1: In My House

Track 2: Samuri

Track 3: In Robot Loves

TV on SwindonViewpoint

 Telecom Blitz on Swindon Viewpoint


Ticket from Swindon College Xmas bash. Not sure of the year, prob '79.

On the bill were: Rich And Famous, The Band Justin Case and Stadium Dogs.


Oh the bull you can come out with when your young :-)

But we meant it! :-)

Having been here for hours, sound checking.

I popped downstairs for a pint and meet up with peeps. Pissed and nearing time to be on stage, I returned.

Only to be refused re admission by the bouncers cos' they reckoned I wasn't old enough.

Got in after rest of band came frantically looking for me.