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Welcome to the drum section of my site.

I'm always looking for fun musical adventures, currently involved in

newRHYTHMICS a tribute to eurythmics and some live gigs with Blazing Flame Quintet .

I fell in love with music at a very early age, surrounded by all the latest 'hits' being played over and over by my older siblings,

each of which had differing ideas on what was cool at any one time...good schooling for me!

I had some serious ideas about being a guitarist, but my fingers don't bend that way so it was a natural progression

when I made my first drum kit in '73 out of biscuit tins etc.


My first 'real' drumkit. And I sure wish I still had this one. An early 60's Premier

in White Marine Pearl.

With a huge degree of excitement, I have bought an almost identical kit

which I am now restoring back to it's former glory :-)

And here it is hard at work in 2009 aged 44yrs. 54yrs now in 2019 and gets better with age.

I used this kit on recent album recordings in 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and it's always

first to be considered for live shows too.


As well as the 60's Premier kit, I also have a late 70's

Yamaha kit in white for the odd wedding.

My current go to kit is a Mapex which I have in a variety of sizes

which gives me a kit range from hip gig style right through to double bass drum rock kit (well you just never know).


Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics Tribute Act newRHYTHMICS





Check out my Archives link below for some mp3 downloads

You never know what you might find in there!





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